Issue 21 - Friday 29th January 2021

Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sure this week's news from Boris Johnson that schools will not start reopening until at least the 8th March was of no surprise to yourselves, and nor I. When we reach that date, pupils and staff will have engaged in close to eight weeks of blended learning. The first four weeks have so far been a huge success and a remarkable improvement when compared to the home learning on offer in the Summer term. For that, I would like to congratulate the fabulous Parkfield staff who continue to amaze me with their efforts on a daily basis. I’d also like to thank the parents and carers at home that are supporting home learning. Your efforts, under such difficult circumstances, are much appreciated and will help reduce any negative impact of the national lockdown.

Some news I had to deliver this week has been particularly difficult for some of our families because I have had to reduce the provision for many children in our Year 1 class. Due to the high number of critical worker and vulnerable children, I’ve had to either refuse places or allocate part times places to reduce the number of children in the class at any one time. These decisions are not taken lightly and demonstrate the pressure school is under to ensure that children and staff in school are kept as safe as possible.

Within school this week a number of classes have ventured out into the local area and enjoyed the fresh air that Alkrington Woods has to offer. Many photos shared on Showbie this week demonstrate that many of our home learners also ventured into the woods - this was fantastic to see. These experiences, which are particularly important at a time of a national lockdown, have been enjoyed by all and have been just one more positive step to normality at Parkfield.

Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous emails and messages recognising the efforts and hard work of the staff. They really are appreciated and do give the team a well deserved morale boost. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your support.

Mr Kemp



Last week we launched our brand new reading initiative to all pupils via a zoom meeting. Many of our pupils have now been able to login, complete an initial assessment, read some books and complete quizzes. We understand that it will be more difficult for those that remain at home and you may have some difficulties. If so, please email and we'll do our best to help.

When you first login to myON you will see this image asking you to connect myON and Star Reading. Please click 'connect now' and type in your child's username and password again followed by the 'authorise' button. Connecting these two will then enable your child to access their ZPD score and myON will suggest books linked to your child's reading ability.


If your child is entitled to Free School Meals and they are learning from home please keep an eye on your emails for vouchers. Next week you will reciev two weeks worth of vouchers. Please note that the Free School Meal vouchers are only for those entitled and does not include those pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 that receive Universal Free School Meals (UFSM).


For those at home we do understand how difficult it can be to access lessons from home and complete any work set. All we ask from yourselves and your children is to do your best. We understand that not all children will be able to access all lessons but we do want children to have a go at completing any work set on Showbie (or Tapestry). If you're finding that the work is too difficult, please message the class teacher or contact school and we'll see how we can better support your child.

In addition, if you are struggling to access lessons from home on a suitable device please contact the school office. We do have a limited number of laptops to help our families during the lockdown. Also if you're struggling with anything technical, Mr Haughton will be happy to support and you can email him directly here:

For more information and links on our home learning you can visit our dedicated web page here:


This Monday we are having a collection by BAG TO SCHOOL, as I'm sure we all have more than the usual amount to donate in our homes due to charity shops being closed!, could we please ask that you have a clear out of clothes (not uniform), bedding, shoes, coats and bags.

We don’t have the usual bags so please pop them in black or plastic bags and drop them off outside the office before 9.00am.

We would be extremely grateful for any donation big or small.


At this time of the year we usually host a parents evening for all pupils. Given the current circumstances we have decided to postpone it until a later date when we feel it will be more beneficial. However, if you do have any concerns that you'd like to discuss with the classteacher, please contact the school and to arrange a call back.


A reminder that our Covid-19 information page is being regularly updated and includes an up to date risk assessment. If you're unsure about the guidelines that are to be followed, the information will be on this page.

Blended Learning

During this period of lockdown we are looking at all children that are accessing live lessons, either at home or in school. The percentages below give an average of those accessing every lesson over the week.

This week's Whole School Learning 91.2%

Reception: 96%

Year 1: 96%

Year 2: 95.3%

Year 3: 87.3%%

Year 4: 94%

Year 5: 86%

Year 6: 84%

School Dinners

Dinners cost £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week.

Our menus during lockdown will be as follows:

Week 1

Monday Fish & chips

Tuesday Sausage & mash

Wednesday Omelette, herby diced potatoes

Thursday Pie of the day & accompaniments

Friday Panini & sauté potatoes

Week 2

Monday Fish goujons & potatoes noisettes

Tuesday Sausage rolls & waffles

Wednesday Pizza & chips

Thursday Quorn dippers & herby diced potatoes

Friday Cheese burger & wedges

Available daily: jacket potatoes with a selection of fillings. Seasonal vegetables on offer daily, assorted desserts & a drink.

Early Birds and Busy Bees

Spaces are still available during this lockdown period. Please contact the school office to book a place.

7.30am - 8.45am = £2.50, 8.15am - 8.45am = £1.50, 3.15 - 5.30pm = £8.00

REMINDERS from previous Newsletters


You may have seen in the news over the past week that school staff across the country will soon start completing weekly rapid result testing for coronavirus. Many members of Parkfield staff will begin the process next week which is in place to identify those that are asymptomatic. Staff will complete the tests twice a week and the ultimate aim is to break any transmission of the virus.


Please let school know if your child tests positive for coronavirus even if they are working from home. School is keeping a record of all positive cases, even if it doesn't directly impact on the day to day running of the school.


Please be aware that a number of children that have tested positive across the school community have only had vomiting as a symptom. Our policy is that children need to stay off school for 48 hours after being sick but we will make you aware about the experiences we've had and check with you that your child hasn't had any of the other three main symptoms of coronavirus which would require you to get the tested.


Please note that those at home will receive a pack in the post with a few different reading materials in that will help better support your child access home learning. We understand that for our younger children it is more challenging to support them at home with just computer and this is our way of improving our home learning offer for those children. Those children in Year 2-6 will soon have access to our exciting new 'Accelerated Reader' which consists of a wide range of online books to read.


During this lockdown we want to bring the school community as much as possible. However, we're aware that too many zoom assemblies for those at home can be an added pressure. As a result, achievement assembly will be on a Friday at 2.30pm. There will be no Monday assembly. The assembly can be accessed on the links below and the link is also available on Showbie.

Friday Achievement Assembly at 2.30pm


Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their full outdoor PE kit.

      • Monday: Year 3 and 4

      • Tuesday: Year 5 and 6

      • Thursday: Year 1 and 2

Please note: Reception do not require an outdoor PE kit. More information can be found here:


Mrs Whalen is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) supported by Miss Steele (Deputy DSL). If you have any concerns about the needs or welfare of a pupil, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We all share a responsibility to our pupils safety and wellbeing.

As a school our promise is: We will listen, we will support and we will take action.

Health and Safety

  • Unfortunately, Parents and Carers are not allowed to drop off and pick up from the school car park at any time.

  • Children are not allowed on the play equipment before and after school. Please keep them off.

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