Issue 28 - Friday 26th March 2021

Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we move into the final week of this term I must say how proud I have been of all the pupils and staff at the school over the past few months. The staff have demonstrated amazing positivity and tackled any challenges thrown at them despite the many changes that have taken place since returning after Christmas. Also, the pupils have demonstrated how resilient they are and whether they were homelearning or in school during lockdown, the return to school for all has been a success.

Parkfield's 'Easter week' may only last four days next week but we have a few events to look forward too. The draw for the Easter Eggstravaganza raffle takes place on Tuesday - thanks to those that have sent money to support this event. On Wednesday we'll have our annual egg decoration and bonnet parades which we all missed during last years lockdown. Finally, Thursday will see our first ever Easter service delivered virtually with Y4 leading and Fr. Steve from Manchester Cathedral joining us.

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kemp



Please send in decorated eggs and bonnets into school next Wednesday 31st March. All our Parkfielders will have the opportunity to look at each others creations and a special assembly will be held later that morning to announce the winners from each class. All pupils are welcome to take part in one or both competitions. Good luck with the desigining and everyone that takes part will recieve a small prize with the overall winners from each class winning a large Easter Egg!


If you haven't already done so, please send in your money for a chance to win in our Easter raffle taking place next Tuesday at 11am. Each entry is £1 and you can enter as many times as you like with lots of prizes to be won. A zoom link will be emailed over on the day for those that would like to see if they win a prize.


Advanced warning that the school will be closed to all pupils on Thursday 6th May due to polling. Due to coronavirus restrictions, including the use of bubbles and social distancing, it is not possible to have the children in the building whilst it is being used as a polling station. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


We have planned an exciting trip for Y1 to visit Chester Zoo on Wednesday 21st April which will perfectly compliment their work in class next half term. If the trip is unable to go ahead for any reason (i.e. coronavirus restrictions) we will let you know as soon as possible. A seperate email with payment details has been sent to all parents and carers in the class.


On the slide below you can see the number of minutes of lost learning time due to lateness across the school. Last week this was 380 minnutes - this week it is 110 minutes. What a fantastic improvement. Thank You for your support and we hope that number continues to reduce.


A reminder that our Covid-19 information page is being regularly updated and includes an up to date risk assessment. If you're unsure about the guidelines that are to be followed, the information will be on this page.

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REMINDERS from previous Newsletters


You may have noticed this past few weeks that KS2 children are bringing books home to read that aren't reading scheme books. This is part of our 'love to read' initiative where we want children to have the opportunity to read a wider range of books at an age appropriate level. Staff have been working tirelessly to label up thousands of books across the school with an ATOS readability level. This tells the children the difficulty of a book. The online quizzes children have been completing in school over the past few months give a result that indicates the range of levels they should be reading at (i.e. 2.5 - 3.8). We will send out further information in future but wanted to share with you this exciting update.


For those Y6 pupils that are attending St. Anne's please be aware that the school have set up a transition website with lots of useful information:


Please be advised that your child must have a meal pattern that stays the same each week. If you need to change it please give the office a weeks notice. This helps to ensure our kitchen have the correct numbers of meals prepared.


Regretably, we have had to cancel the Y5 trip to Robinwood. We looked at postponing the trip until a date coronavirus restrictions were likely to be relaxed and allow residential trips but Robinwood unfortunately aren't able to fit us in. We are currently exploring alternative options where the Y5's will be able to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities later in the summer term or in the Autumn when the children are in Y6. We have booked and are expecting the Y6 residential trip to Blackpool to take place in June 2022. Any monies already paid towards Robinwood will be refunded.


Fortunately, we have been able to alter the dates of the Blackpool Residential to the 23rd - 25th June when coronavirus restrictions, if lifted as planned, will mean the trip can go ahead. We do hope the trip will go ahead and we will send more information soon with further details about the cost and itineary.


At Parkfield, we want or pupils to be kind and one of our Year 3's has set herself the challenge of cycling a total of 100 miles throughout March. In the process she is hoping to raise as much money as possible for Springhill Hospice. If you'd like more information and would like to donate please visit the following link:


This half term, the Parkfield character focus is going to be on being 'encouraging'. We will discuss what it is to be a positive and encouraging Parkfielder and how they can support others in the school community. Classroom activities will be planned so that the pupils are given plenty of opportunities to encourage one another with their learning and develop this important life characteristic.


We have decided to move Parents Evening to Wednesday 28th April between 3.30 and 7pm. This is much later than our usual parents evening but we feel by this date we'll be able to give you accurate assessment information and personalised targets for your child.


If you'd like the opportunity to win £25,000 each week and support the school you can do so by joining the school lottery. There is a winner from our school each week that wins a smaller prize but there is always the chance of winning the national prize of £25,000. More details and how to join can be found here:


  • Monday Assembly - 10:10am - link available on Showbie / Tapestry

  • Friday Achievement Assembly - 10:10am on Showbie / Tapestry


Mrs Whalen is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) supported by Miss Steele (Deputy DSL). If you have any concerns about the needs or welfare of a pupil, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We all share a responsibility to our pupils safety and wellbeing.

As a school our promise is: We will listen, we will support and we will take action.

Health and Safety

  • Unfortunately, Parents and Carers are not allowed to drop off and pick up from the school car park at any time.

  • Children are not allowed on the play equipment before and after school. Please keep them off.

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