Issue 32 - Friday 7th May2021

Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a strange week at Parkfield with the children only attending over three days. However, those three have been action packed and plenty of learning has taken place in each class. As I have previously mentioned, our twitter feed demonstrates some of the great learning that takes place and I would recommend that you regularly visit the page.

The action will continue next Tuesday when Y3 visit Murton Park in Yorkshire to learn all about the Romans. This will be a great experience that the pupils will remember for years. I look forward to seeing the photographs from the trip and I'm thankful for that continued gradual return to normal school activities.

Our parent and carer survey sent last week had some very positive feedback about how we are performing as a school and how we have dealt with the pandemic. However, the majority of any comments relating to what we can do to improve are related to the wearing of face masks in the school grounds by adults. As a result, please can I reiterate that masks must be worn by all, unless exempt. Parkfield should be an environment where our staff and parents/carers feel safe and wearing a mask for the few short minutes you're on the playground will help everyone feel that little bit safer.

Today's confirmation of a positive case of coronavirus in Y6 also shows that we need to remain vigilant, even at a time when levels of coronavirus nationally are really low.

Have a wonderful weekend - isn't it nice that both Manchester football clubs can be dreaming of European glory over the next few weeks!?

Mr Kemp



Following today's confirmed positive case of coronavirus in Y6 we have potponed Monday's photograph day until Friday 28th May. We will remind you nearer the time and it will be for the Year 1, 2, 5 and 6 classes. There will also be an opportunity to catch up on those that missed out on last week's photographs.

A reminder that this year younger sibling that do not attend school are unfortunately not permitted to attend the usual before school slot.


We will update you on the postponed Parent's Evening for Y5 parents and carers as soon as we have a new date for you.


A reminder that Y6 can attend the FREE breakfast club. The club will start at 8.15am and will help prepare our Y6's fully for their transition into high school. All are invited and just have to turn up to breakfast club for 8.15am. We hope to see plenty there!


A reminder that our Covid-19 information page is being regularly updated and includes an up to date risk assessment. If you're unsure about the guidelines that are to be followed, the information will be on this page.


Has your child been on Mathletics recently? Mathletics is our online homework that allows pupils to access lessons and resources and receive immediate feedback on their maths work. I wanted to share with you the following information proving what a positive impact Mathletics is having at the school.

Newsletter Slides

REMINDERS from previous Newsletters


Our curriculum section of the website includes a range of information including what your child is learning over the year ( . We've updated the half termly curriculum overviews for each class and they can be found on the links below:


We've update the information on our website so that it is in line with our new Accelerated Reader initiative. There is information on there about the reading books that are sent home for pupils in years 2-6. Please familiarise yourself with the information as it will give you a deeper understanding about the books your child is brining home and the ZPD levels included on the front of the books. The information can be found here:


Learning Logs for this half term's topics will have been sent out by the end of this week. There are a total of 4 tasks that children can choose to complete before the deadline on Monday 24th May. One of the tasks is linked to this half term's Parkfield characteristic of being confident. When they are brought back in, the children will be able to present their work to the rest of their class. The learning logs for each class and some helpful information can be found here:


If you'd like the opportunity to win £25,000 each week and support the school you can do so by joining the school lottery. There is a winner from our school each week that wins a smaller prize but there is always the chance of winning the national prize of £25,000. More details and how to join can be found here:


Mrs Whalen is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) supported by Miss Steele (Deputy DSL). If you have any concerns about the needs or welfare of a pupil, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We all share a responsibility to our pupils safety and wellbeing.

As a school our promise is: We will listen, we will support and we will take action.

Health and Safety

  • Unfortunately, Parents and Carers are not allowed to drop off and pick up from the school car park at any time.

  • Children are not allowed on the play equipment before and after school. Please keep them off.

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