Issue 36 - Friday 11th June 2021

Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a wonderful two weeks of sunshine we have had - long may it continue! Our Parkfielders must have enjoyed their half term because they have come back this week with lots of energy, feeling positive and working incredibly hard during their lessons. I have seen some great teaching and learning taking place this past week which can be seen in our ever popular Twitter feed. A poetry morning with some great recitals and then two great Ed-venture days have been particular highlights.

This week I had to send home the reception class bubble because of the high number of children developing covid symptoms. Following the advice from the Public Health team in Rochdale, I had to ask all pupils in the class to be PCR tested to rule out a coronavirus outbreak. I am still awaiting results and I do hope that all results come back negative. However, it has highlighted that we have to remain vigilant and if your child is poorly - with covid symptoms - they need to remain at home. Also, if your child has any sickness or diarrhoea the must remain off school for 48 hours.

Please enjoy the weekend and if you're a football fan - enjoy the start of the Euros. Fingers crossed England can produce some magic during this tournament and bring home a long awaited trophy.

Mr Kemp



Next Friday, to prepare and get in the mood for the England vs Scotland European Championship game, we're inviting all pupils to wear red and white in support for their national team. Other team colours are also acceptable!


Y6 are having an aspirational careers day on Friday 2nd July where they'll be thinking about the future and the kind of education and employment that they'd like to pursue. We'd like part of the day for our Y6's to interview some of our parents, grandparents, governors and ex-pupils about their careers and current employment. Whether you're a teacher, nurse, solicitor, police officer, engineer, mechanic, writer, business owner or rockstar - our Y6's would love to talk to you! If you are interested and are able to give up to 30 minutes of your time on the morning of the 2nd July for a zoom call with our Y6's please click here and complete the form to let us know that you're interested. Thanks in advance.


A reminder that we have increased the capacity of our current booster club and are inviting all Y5 pupils into a FREE breakfast club. Similar to the Y6 club, children can come into school at 8.15am where they will complete a range of mathematics and reading activities that will further prepare them for Year 6. Breakfast is included and we hope to see many of our year 5's take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.


Bookings for our popular Early Birds and Busy Bees Club are now being taken for September 2021. Please click the following link to let us know that you want a place.. We will then contact you to confirm that you have a place for September 2021. We hope to accommodate all pupils that book. CLICK HERE TO BOOK FOR SEPTEMBER 2021


Please can we remind you that children must come into school wearing their school PE kit. This includes a plain white t-shirt and a royal blue hoody. If your child doesn't have a royal blue hoody they can continue to wear their school jumper. See for more detailed information.


I am pleased to announce that Mrs Acil is back in school and we're now in a position to hold telephone conversations with those parents and carers that would like an update on their child's learning. Mrs Acil will make phone calls from the week begining 21st June and will call anytime between 3.30 and 4.30pm. If you are happy with everything, have no worries and feel that a conversation isn't needed you'll be pleased to know that we'll be sending our end of year reports home in a few weeks. If you would like a phone call please click here.


Good Luck to a number of pupils that will be practising for the Spelling Bee finals taking place next week. Spelling lists have been sent home to practice and we know that everyone will be trying their best.


Unfortunately we're cancelling some of the proposed summer events due to coronavirus restrictions. Due to the school bubble system remaining in place, we're having to reluctantly cancel the Summer Fair and the Y4 overnight camping event. We will make a decision nearer the time as to what Sports Day will look like.


A reminder that you can visit our extensive curriculum website to find out what your child is learning about, including details about their topic for this half-term:


Links to help your child complete this half-term's learning log homework tasks will be available from Friday evening here -,


A reminder that although lockdown restrictions have eased across the country, restrictions within school remain the same and there have been no changes to our risk assessment and the measures we have in place. This means that poorly children will be asked to get a Covid test, pupils will remain in their class bubbles, the cleaning regime within school will continue, a positive case within a class means the bubble is sent home, masks will be worn by staff in communal areas, restricted access to the school office continues and masks MUST BE WORN by all adults in the school playground when dropping off and picking up. We are looking forward to the next stage of lockdown easing where we hope some of these measures can be removed.


A reminder that our Covid-19 information page is being regularly updated and includes an up to date risk assessment. If you're unsure about the guidelines that are to be followed, the information will be on this page.

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Throughout the pandemic our pupils have unfortunately missed out on a number of opportunities. Our choir, that usually go to Rochdale Town Hall to take part in the annual Rochdale Music Festival, have this year entered the competition virtually! Click here to see their entries into the competition. We'll let you know how we do when we find out!


We've update the information on our website so that it is in line with our new Accelerated Reader initiative. There is information on there about the reading books that are sent home for pupils in years 2-6. Please familiarise yourself with the information as it will give you a deeper understanding about the books your child is brining home and the ZPD levels included on the front of the books. The information can be found here:


If you'd like the opportunity to win £25,000 each week and support the school you can do so by joining the school lottery. There is a winner from our school each week that wins a smaller prize but there is always the chance of winning the national prize of £25,000. More details and how to join can be found here:


Mrs Whalen is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) supported by Miss Steele (Deputy DSL). If you have any concerns about the needs or welfare of a pupil, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We all share a responsibility to our pupils safety and wellbeing.

As a school our promise is: We will listen, we will support and we will take action.

Health and Safety

  • Unfortunately, Parents and Carers are not allowed to drop off and pick up from the school car park at any time.

  • Children are not allowed on the play equipment before and after school. Please keep them off.

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