Issue 20 - Friday 4th February 2022

Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

Another exciting week at Parkfield has finished today with our Reception class travelling over to Yorkshire and visiting Eureka museum. I'm sure it will be an experience that they will remember for many years to come.

This week's assemblies have focussed on Chinese New Year and about how to look after your mental health. We cover a range of themes in assemblies and our curriculum website details the range of topics that are discussed throughout the year. Charles Dickens and Internet Safety are the themes we'll be discussing over the next few weeks.

I am happy to report that the number of pupils testing positive for covid has reduced considerably over the past few weeks. Please continue to test your child if they have any of the main symptoms and if you are unsure, please contact the school.

I thought I'd also remind you that school is closed on Friday 18th February due to staff training.

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Mr Kemp



An invite has been sent to all parents regaridng our virtual Parent's Evening next Wednesday betyween 3.45 and 7.00pm. Bookings can be made by clicking the link here: Appointments will last for just under 5 minutes and will be linked to how your child is doing in reading, writing and maths.


On a Tuesday afternoon we have a music teacher join us from the music service to teach guitar. It's a great opportunity for children in KS2 to learn how to play an instrument. If your child would like to play, please contact the school office and they'll let you know about the costs involved and hopefully sign you up.


A lunchtime assistant position has become available, starting after half term. The hours of the post are 11.30am - 1.30pm every day, 10 hours per week, term time only. The post includes supporting the pupils during the dinner hour and supporting the team with cleaning duties. If you're interested, please contact the school office for more information.


Y4 will be presenting their class assembly with lots of learning from this past half term next Friday 11th February at 9.10am. Unfortunately, due to the levels of coronavirus in the community we will not be inviting parents and carers into the school. However, we will live stream the assembly via Zoom. A link to the assembly will be sent to emails later on next week.


You may have seen earlier in the week that our wonderful school council have organised a Valentines Disco which is due to take place on Monday 14th for KS2 and Tuesday 15th for KS1 between 3.15 and 4.15pm. Tickets cost £3 each and we're limited to 60 pupils per day.


Thanks to the many Y4 parents that responded to the questionnaire earlier last week about when they would prefer the Y5 residential to take place. The overwhelming majority opted for the September date. Information will be emailed out about the costs involved and how payments can be made so that your child can attend this brilliant experience.


Y5 began their swimming lessons this week. They'll be attending every Friday over the next 10 weeks. These are the lessons missed due to last year's lockdown.


We appreciate all your support when helping your child learn at home and we do see a real difference back in school. You can help by encouraging your child to read as much as possible, getting them to complete their weekly mathletics tasks and practice their spellings.


A reminder that dogs are not allowed onto the school site - either walking or being carried. This is for both health and safety reasons and because we have a number of pupils that are frightened by dogs. Thanks for your co-operation with this matter.


In line with the new government rules, children may now return to school on day 6 following a positive test result as long as they have tested negative on two LFD tests and have no symptoms on days 5 and 6 (24 hours apart). Please note that day 1 is counted as the day after symptoms or the day after the test was taken. Please contact school if your child does test negative and will be returning on day 6. For those that don't complete the lateral flow test, children have to remain off school for the full 10 days. Please note that in some circumstances, we may ask pupils to remain off school for the full 10 days but this will depend on the risk to individuals in each class. The diagram below may help you understand the current rules a little better.

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Mrs Whalen is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) supported by Mr Kemp and Miss Steele (Deputy DSL). If you have any concerns about the needs or welfare of a pupil, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We all share a responsibility to our pupils safety and wellbeing.

As a school our promise is: We will listen, we will support and we will take action.


As you are all aware, school attendance and punctuality is one of Parkfields priorities and I have been thrilled with the support that parents have been giving with regards to improving their children’s attendance.

Our school target is 96%. We are currently below this target and we need your continued support to ensure that we meet this mark.

Persistent Absence

Persistent absence is defined by the Government as attendance below 90%. This equates to 19 days or more of absence a year or 100+ lessons missed. If a child’s attendance drops below 90% this could lead to them becoming a safeguarding concern. This could also result in the authority taking legal action against parents, resulting in a fine or court appearance. Over the next few weeks I will be making contact by letter with the families of children whose attendance is below 90% to invite you into school for a discussion about how we can support you to improve your child’s attendance.

Thank you so much to all the families who have been working hard to ensure children’s attendance and punctuality is high. Establishing early good habits really will make a positive difference to their lives. The link between attendance and achievement cannot be over stated. Your child will achieve better if they are in school every day. Only in very exceptional circumstances should a child be absent from school.


Please get your child to school on time. Poor punctuality can lead to your child…

  • Feeling embarrassed in front of their friends

  • Missing the beginning of vital lessons making them fall behind

  • Missing important instructions for the rest of the school day

At Parkfield children are to line up before school and doors open at 8.45am. They close at 8.50am.

If you arrive after 8.50am you will have to come through the school office.


  • Dogs are not permitted in the school playground.

  • If driving, park further away from the school and walk to reduce congestion and the possiblity of any serious accidents.

  • Unfortunately, Parents and Carers are not allowed to drop off and pick up from the school car park at any time.

  • Children are not allowed on the play equipment before and after school. Please keep them off.

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